Running a safe and secure operation is of utmost importance to us. Our background in IT security and experience in running validators since NPoS in combination with our globally distributed hybrid-cloud setup enables us to have a strongly independent and robust setup. Additionally, our own failover solution Parasnaps enables us react quickly to any circumstances.

Our validators on Polkadot run with a commission of 3%. On Kusama our validators run with a commission of 10%.

Follow the steps outlined in our nomination pools guide to stake in our nomination pools (Polkadot and Kusama).

Follow the steps outlined in our staking rewards guide to claim your staking rewards.

For most nominators, the nomination pools are the best way to stake and optimize their rewards with no initial minimum size. If you are looking to stake an amount that exceeds 1M DOT/2โ€™500 KSM, reach out to us to figure out whether a dedicated setup can be beneficial for your needs.

The unbonding period is 28 days on Polkadot and 7 days on Kusama.

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